Matt indulges in some creative accounting.

Radio Times: Matt gets creative with his cash.

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  • Has Matt suddenly become a devoted follower of the hunt? Since he has been taking the opportunity to have a quiet word in several ears, we can probably assume that he is up to no good – trying to sell a couple of acres without any publicity. Lilian is cute enough to work out what he is up to.
  • Bruno has gone AWOL again, so Oliver and Caroline decide to go and fetch straight away – just as they are, in their hunting pink!
  • Alan is ministering to the bereaved Christine. She is not sure whether George’s two children will come to the funeral but she wants it to be an occasion of thanksgiving.
  • Huge embarrassment! Bruno is rescued from the amusement arcade in front of all his friends by a very cross couple, quite inappropriately dressed for the town.
  • Matt is planning to meet Stephen Chalkman; Lilian is sure he is hatching some scheme. She is not wrong!
  • With Alan for company, Christine has visited the cottage and collected a few things. George’s slippers on the mat upset her. Lilian, who has been widowed herself, takes over and assures her that she will get through; they will all help. With everything gone in the fire, she only has memories; what if she forgets?

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