Sam resists Brenda’s advances and Kathy aborts her outing to the cinema.

Radio Times: Brenda sets her sights on a new man.

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  • What’s going on here then? When Ruth finds her chauffeur, Sam, he is deep in conversation with Brenda. Furthermore they will be seeing each other tonight – for the five-a-side draw at the Leisure Centre, as it happens. Has he told Brenda that he spoken for?
  • Sid calls at Bridge Farm for a word about Kathy. He is worried about her. She doesn’t seem to be coping, forgetting to eat, for example. Both Sid and Pat have done some shopping for her but, of course, Sid cannot be there every night. Jamie is with Sid tonight, so perhaps Pat will take her out.
  • David and Ruth have had an encouraging meeting with Pip’s form teacher, who seemed to know about the bullying. They are pleasantly surprised and amused by the way Bruno greeted Pip; clearly he is not the bully – more of a bodyguard.
  • The five-a-side draw is such that Sam’s team cannot meet Ed’s before the final, so Will could play a bit longer. Brenda will talk to Emma tomorrow. They are both hungry but Brenda’s restaurant invitation is turned down: Sam needs to get home – he promised to ring his girlfriend.
  • Pat hasn’t been to the cinema for ages. Kathy has come along although does not seem entirely “with it”.
  • Back in the cowshed, Ruth hopes that Sam let Brenda down gently. And how has Ruth spent her evening? Watching randy cattle. She has spotted one that is on heat but there are still too few.
  • They are in the cinema queue when Kathy panics. She is full of apology but she wants to go home, nowhere else, just home.

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