Bruno meets his first Grundy. William decides to rejoin the five-a-side battle.

Radio Times: Will mourns a friend.

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  • Where would George have put them? Christine is determined to find the keys to the gun cabinet so that she can give the gun to Will. He is going to miss George; he taught him such a lot from an early age. He wouldn’t be a keeper but for George; he was like a second dad. He is pleased to here from Christine that George was proud of him.
  • Oliver and Bruno are learning to accommodate each other’s taste in music, not to mention volume level. Oliver suggests that he goes on a tour of the farm with Ed.
  • Will gets home in sad mood, with George’s gun. Christine has asked him to say a few words at the funeral. How can he loose two people in the course of a year? How will he manage? Emma tries to bolster his confidence – and she manages to persuade him to go back into the football team.
  • Shula has called at Grange Farm on hunting matters and witnesses the exchange between Oliver and Bruno. The tour lasted no time at all once he discovered that Ed’s name was Grundy and now he plans defiantly to go to his room for a smoke.
  • When he hears Ed coming, Will makes a hasty exit, leaving Emma to urge Ed to grow up and to break the news that Will is back in the team; she is looking forward to seeing him beat the pants off Ed’s team.
  • Christine has had some flowers from the Hollerton Silver Band, who will be playing at the funeral. She still doesn’t know whether George’s children will be coming but is delighted when Shula offers to have everyone back to The Stables afterwards. She plans to scatter his ashes on Heydon Berrow. She must take one step at a time but how, without George?

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