Kathy and Chris are both still struggling. Shula encourages Caroline to put her foot down with Bruno.

Radio Times: Alan feels the need for speed.

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  • Chris is still finding life a struggle. Couldn’t face church this morning. Alan will have to go to see her. He needs some help with the eulogy. Peter has arrived back from Japan and Terry will come to the funeral but the daughter probably won’t.
  • Kathy is still struggling too. She isn’t sleeping. She keeps thinking she is hearing things. It would be easy for someone to break in. Sid thinks some extra security might help. Kathy is still relying on him very heavily.
  • Alan is getting in some practice on his bike – it’s his test on Wednesday. Nigel doesn’t recognise him. Nigel is finding it hard to manage the hedge laying without George but Phil and Mike have agreed to help.
  • Sid is continuing to show his worse side by automatically assuming Bruno must be a criminal. But one problem is Oliver and Caroline don’t see eye to eye. Oliver thinks Bruno should have his own space but Caroline is fed up with the mess and the dirty clothes. Shula thinks she should put her foot down.

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