Sam suggests a new diet for the Brookfield herd. Bruno begins to open up about his Dad.

Radio Times: Caroline experiences the joys of parenthood.

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  • Not much improvement in the Brookfield herd. Not many on heat and the yield is still a bit low. But maybe Bert can come to the rescue with his wart charming skills. Or, Sam could produce a marvellous new herd with a small change in diet agreed over a bowl of burnt soup.
  • Ruth is still having trouble getting Pip to school – double maths seems to be the problem this week. Bruno isn’t behaving any better and is also trying to make excuses. The difficulties of parenthood.
  • David isn’t impressed that Derek Fletcher seems to see himself as new Chairman of the Parish Council. And he’s worried about Bert who seems to be staying out in the wet. It isn’t going to do his back any good. Bert seems to be worrying about his future again.
  • Caroline has finally broken and picked up the dirty clothes for washing. It is there house and Bruno has to remember that. Bruno is furious that Caroline has been in his room – he’s particularly upset about a Zippo lighter and calls Caroline a cow. What was all that about? Turns out it was his Dad’s lighter. It means a lot to him. They try to persuade him to go to visit his Dad again but he isn’t interested.

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