Beth is getting rather bored with Ed and Ambridge. Neil gets his overdraft extended but money is still tight.

Radio Times: Neil starts to feel the squeeze.

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  • Mike is helping Nigel out with his hedgelaying. Neil meantime is off to see the bank but Jazzer didn’t turn up again. He’s upset Mike isn’t working on the house but Mike hasn’t been paid so he’s not bothered. Should be alright if the bank agrees to extend the overdraft.
  • Life isn’t such fun for Beth now Ed is practising for the 5 a side. She doesn’t want to watch TV with Clarrie or freeze watching football practise. And she’s fed up with his scoring points off Will. Beth actually hopes Ed loses to put a stop to it. She’d even rather watch Mike hedgelaying. Mike doesn’t think they have any chance against the Blue Boar anyway!
  • Neil got his overdraft but Susan is still not happy. They shouldn’t have such big credit card bills. Bruno turns up in the shop trying to buy cigarettes but Susan isn’t having any of it. He claims they are for Mother but that doesn’t make any difference. He’s obviously skipping school and Susan and Oliver know it. But Oliver has found out that Snatch would see Bruno in prison. All he has to do is say the word. So Bruno agrees.
  • Susan has had enough of being stuck in the caravan but Neil wants to crack on with the plumbing – she isn’t impressed.

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