Both Ed and Will’s team win the football but Christopher is injured so Will’s team is a man short.

Radio Times: The Grundy rivalry kicks off again.

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  • Helen is home for a visit and is looking more relaxed. She’s eating regularly too. Tony thinks it’s time she came home for good. Tom is playing in the football and wants Pat to watch but she’s going to see Kathy. Maybe Kathy and Jamie would like to watch too.
  • Jazzer is suffering from too much cider and some damage to his leg and it’s the day of the match. Will is more worried about the funeral though. Joe is very upset as well which Jazzer finds hard to believe. Joe was a poacher after all and George didn’t even drink.
  • Pat has been helping Tom pick a new butcher but she didn’t really need to. Tom is so confident these days. He knows exactly what he wants. She tries to encourage Kathy to go for a drink at the Bull but she’s not prepared to go.
  • The football is a bit rough but Tony is more interested in the butcher. Tom insists that all he needs to do is tie up some loose ends and then he’ll start at the end of February. Ed’s team wins their match in the end which doesn’t impress Will. But his team wins through too – with Christopher injured.
  • Kathy talks about how kind Sid has been. She wouldn’t have got through the last few weeks without him. So different to Kenton. Pat points out Kenton doesn’t know about the rape and Kathy insists she’s not going to tell him.

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