Pip is being bullied at school. Oliver seems to make some headway with Bruno.

Radio Times: Oliver’s parental skills are tested.

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  • Seems Kenton was very upset with Kathy’s attitude last night. But Shula thinks it could all be Kenton’s fault – he didn’t really understand she dumped him. Alistair is off to see the Brookfield heifer but she seems to be looking better.
  • Oliver is meeting the school bus for his new foster child. Things seem to be a bit more of a struggle with Bruno. He’s caused a scene on the bus and really upset Pip. Oliver tries to lay down the law.
  • Pip is very upset and just runs to her room at Brookfield, but Jill can’t say what is wrong – Pip wouldn’t tell her. But it seems to be something to do with Snatch Foster’s son.
  • Bruno says he was protecting Pip. A group of year 9s were picking on her and he stepped into help. Oliver doesn’t sound wholly convinced. Then it turns out Bruno has used his credit card to buy a satellite dish. It can’t go on. Bruno wishes he was still living on his own.
  • Pip admits she’s been being bullied. She can’t sit with the driver – they’d just make fun of her. And Amy isn’t always there to look after her. Pip will have to be the brave one and say if anything happens again. It’s difficult to know what to do. If only she could make some new friends.
  • Oliver apologises to Bruno for yelling. He tries to help sort things out by offering to help him see his father. Bruno knows a mate of him grassed him up. He doesn’t want to see him because he wants to be a man for him. Oliver seems to have the golden touch. He really does want to make things better for him. They should both act like grown ups from now on.

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