Kathy is making more demands on Sid as she rejects Kenton. Brookfield has a problem with a heifer.

Radio Times: David deals with a crisis at Brookfield.

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  • Another heifer is born at Brookfield which seems simpler than the human children. Pip is playing up and pretending to be sick. But they don’t know why she doesn’t want to go to school.
  • Kathy seems a bit brighter. She’s talking to some people again including Clarrie. She’s feeling a bit guilty about Bruno since Eddie was involved in getting his Dad, Snatch Foster, into jail. Kathy is beginning to put some pressure on Sid though, it’s so good for Jamie to have him around.
  • Fallon’s taxi service to the Bull isn’t working very well. Jazzer’s done his best but they have nothing like a full load. And Fallon is even crosser when she finds Sid is not at the pub. She’s not going to try the taxi thing again.
  • David is worried about the heifer that had the calf. Looks like mastitis. Maybe Bert could charm it away since Alistair doesn’t seem to be around. They will have to do the best they can themselves.
  • Kenton finally turns up after his time away expecting a warm welcome but Kathy won’t let him in or have anything to do with him. He thinks it’s because she’s still mad at him but she just doesn’t want him in the house.

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