Bruno is proving a problem for Caroline while Ian and Adam have trouble finding somewhere to live.

Radio Times: Caroline has her hands full.

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  • Debbie and Adam are actually working in the lambing shed together. Adam gets very suspicious when Debbie is suddenly in favour of Brian’s plan to invest more in Hungary. She thinks it might give him the stability to stick at Home Farm but Adam thinks he’s more likely to throw in the towel. He’s fed up of second guessing Brian.
  • Roy tries to persuade Ian to play football to take Will’s place but he’s off house hunting with Adam. The team doesn’t seem all that committed even though the tournament is really coming together. Caroline give Bruno the tour of the kitchens – he sees Ian as a new Gordon Ramsey and he is rather interested in the knives. But Caroline persuades Roy to keep an eye on him.
  • Adam doesn’t seem to have his mind set on house hunting – more interested in complaining about Debbie. They aren’t really quite sure what they even want.
  • Bruno has been chatting up the hotel guests and there has been a complaint. Caroline isn’t impressed but Bruno doesn’t see the problem. Ends up with Caroline taking an accidental dip in the pool. Then Bruno manages to set off the hotel fire alarm – but he denies it of course.

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