Brian has to apologise to Will for messing up the shoot. Pat tells Sid she knows about Kathy and Will quits the 5-a-side

Radio Times: Brian pulls rank at the shoot.

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  • Brian is messing up William’s plans for the shoot and he’s not happy but agrees to go along with it. Emma thinks he should stand up to him. Will is irritated with Ed too – he keeps sending him texts about the 5 a side.
  • Fallon is planning her first round bus trip for picking up people for her music night. Sid hopes they don’t get in trouble with the Council. Pat tells Sid she knows about Kathy. Sid tells her how shocked he was with Owen’s reaction. It was as if he really thought he’d done nothing wrong. And now he is out there as if nothing has happened. They wish she’d gone to the police. But it would have been her word against his. Since they can’t tell anyone else, it’s up to them.
  • Matt turns up to see how the shoot is going and here’s another disagreement between Brian and Will about which drives to shoot. Sure enough it goes wrong on the drive Brian wanted and Matt isn’t impressed. He owes Will an apology which he grudgingly gives. But Emma isn’t impressed that he mentioned Greg. So this leads to a fight between Ed and Will so Will quits the game. It’s not worth it.

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