Bruno seems to be taking every opportunity to benefit from his fostering. Kathy tells Pat about the rape.

Radio Times: Kathy finds a shoulder to cry on.

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  • Helen isn’t going to be able to get home for Pat’s birthday but they have a surprise plan. In the meantime, Pat is off to track down Kathy.
  • Oliver and Bruno, the new foster child are getting to know each other. But he is rather more confident than they are used to. He makes out he was happy at home but seems to have been a bit stressed. He persuades Oliver to lend him his computer and then asks for £10 for lunch money from Caroline
  • Pat tries to persuade Kathy to talk to her about what’s wrong. She thinks Kathy must be ill but Kathy says it’s nothing like that. Kathy finally tells Pat and she is incensed. But Kathy says at least Owen has gone thanks to Sid, that’s all she cares about. Kathy says it’s all so hard to get over it. Counselling wouldn’t help, she just needs to get on with her and Jamie’s life. Pat isn’t so sure.
  • Next, Bruno has also persuaded Oliver to lend him a tenner for his lunches and has helped himself to Oliver’s vintage port. Well, Oliver did say he could get anything he wanted.
  • Pat turns up after her traumatic time with Kathy to find Helen home from the clinic. But Pat can’t cope – she just needs a hug.

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