Adam is put out. Brenda is caught out. Jim and Alan enjoy a night out.

Radio Times: Mike gives Brenda a mixed blessing.

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  • Adam finds Bert ploughing Ed’s new land, and is very much put out to discover that Brian has given Ed the go-ahead without consulting him.
  • Brenda gets a visit from Mike. There’s a certain tension between them, until Mike suggests that she might like to do some PR work for the milk business. Brenda’s really pleased; it will mean some cash and something else for her CV -but when Mike comments that it’s all due to Vicky’s generosity, all Brenda can say is that she supposes she should be grateful.
  • A sullen Adam challenges Brian over the ploughing of Ed’s land. Brian says he was preoccupied with Peggy’s finances, and dismisses Adam’s gripe.
  • Wayne’s DJ night at the Bull gets under way. Jim and Alan enjoy it greatly, as does Mike until he’s summoned home by Vicky. Fallon’s very pleased with the way it’s gone. Even Jazzer approved of the music.
  • Alan and Jim find much in common. Jim tells Alan about a second-hand book business he had, the proceeds from the sale of which should buy him a house. He’s thinking of settling permanently in Ambridge.

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