Peggy finds life with Jack hard. Pip finds friendships hard.

Radio Times: Jack goes on a downward spiral.

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  • Pip helps David with the worm count. He’s surprised that she doesn’t want to spend Friday evening with her friends from college; Pip seems surprised. Why should she want to do that? Ruth rings to say a heifer has calved but is bleeding. David tells her to all Alistair.
  • An already exhausted Peggy is having a difficult day with Jack. He seems tired, so she settles him for a nap, but when he wakes, he doesn’t know her, and keeps calling for Valerie.
  • Pip helps Alistair in the cowshed. He manages to stop the bleeding, and is fairly sure the heifer will recover, to David’s relief. David asks Alistair if he’ll consider standing as Cricket captain again. Alistair’s reluctant; he can see that Adam has made improvements – but David says there would be a lot of support for Alistair.
  • Jack becomes more and more distraught, but eventually Peggy calms him, and tells him everything will look brighter tomorrow.
  • David and Pip finish the count and produce a map of the worm population at Brookfield. David thinks her friends in the Science class might like to see it, but Pip is quick to say only Young Farmers would be interested.

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