Family tensions surface at Home Farm.

Radio Times: Tony feels usurped at Home Farm.

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  • Lilian calls to tell Adam the good news that the Parish Council backs his plans for the new polytunnels and for diverting the footpath. In return, Adam tells Lilian all about Alice’s 21st; she has a lovely new car, and was heard to comment enviously about Annette’s new boyfriend, Max, to Christopher’s annoyance.
  • Lynda arrives, and immediately starts to hector Adam about his plans. Just because the PC has voted in favour it doesn’t mean that Lynda will give up. She’ll keep fighting to protect rural England. She adds that she’s seen two Brown Hairstreaks near Long Wood. She hopes Adam isn’t intending to cut the hedging there. Wearily, Adam agrees to delay flailing that stretch of hedge until next year.
  • Jennifer talks to Kate on the phone, and tells Brian she thinks Kate is bored now that her distance learning course has finished. Brian didn’t even know she was doing it.
  • Tony arrives at Home Farm to discuss his mother’ finances. Breathing a sense of injustice, he immediately suggests that the new financial advisor won’t be impartial, because he’s the Aldridges’ financial advisor, too. Jennifer is furious, but Brian calmly points out that Peggy and Jack are worth a lot less than they were a few years ago, and the children won’t inherit as much as they once thought. Angrily, Tony says his concern is his mother’s welfare, not his inheritance.

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