Adam offers constructive advice to Pip. Pat and Tony now face possible proceedings against them.

Radio Times: Things go from bad to worse for Pat and Tony, while Adam gives his considered opinion.

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  • Visiting Bridge Farm, Shula is able to tell Pat that the boy who had been ill from the E. coli has been discharged from hospital and is a lot better. She has no news of Millie Robson but she will keep trying. She also reports that Freddy is a frequent visitor to The Stables and that Daniel is still full of his week of work experience with Usha’s office; he went to the magistrates’ court, which was an eye-opener. It does Pat good to hear about things outside the farm.
  • At last Adam has an opportunity to talk to Pip, while the combine is being fixed. He agrees with David that to go it alone with lamb marketing would be risky. That’s a disappointment for Pip but he channels her enthusiasm towards coming up with new ideas for the coop as a whole rather than Brookfield alone. She likes that idea.
  • When Shula calls at the village shop, Susan confides that none of the Bridge Farm products are selling, except Stirling Gold which doesn’t say Bridge Farm on the label and which, ironically, is made from unpasteurised milk. Susan has been putting off telling Pat but Shula encourages her to do it straight away.
  • Pat assures Susan they will take back any outdated stock. It’s not the only bad news for Pat and Tony. The Environmental Health Department want them to go in for an interview, possibly as a prelude to starting proceedings against them.

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