Peggy has a plan to keep Elona at The Laurels. Tom has a plan to save the Bridge Farm business.

Radio Times: Tom thinks strategically and Nic lends a hand.

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  • Helen has had a sleepless night worrying about the future of the farm; if only they could have saved the Underwoods contract. Tom feels that, left to the younger generation they maybe could if they had acted swiftly. They will put their heads together later to hatch a rescue plan.
  • Visiting The Laurels, Peggy gets some unwelcome news: Elona announces that she must leave because she needs a bigger flat for her growing girls and she cannot afford Borsetshire rents.
  • Will has committed to help Eddie with some leaflet distribution, for his gardening services. That’s a pity because the children are with their father, so Nic and Will could have spent the afternoon together. No matter, Nic volunteers to help too.
  • Peggy has been thinking: Lilian has a house empty on The Green. Elona is convinced it will be too expensive.
  • While their parents prepare for their meeting with the Environmental Health on Tuesday, Tom and Helen are thinking out of the box. Tom’s solution – and Helen agrees – is to seek new markets out of the area where the current problems are known. They will work out a marketing plan and put it to their parents after the meeting on Tuesday.

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