Alice stands by her man, using the house as security for his business loan.

Radio Times: Things are looking up for Eddie. Meanwhile, Chris has an important meeting.

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  • Eddie is busy in the woods, repairing the damage from a fallen tree. Clarrie administers snacks but that’s because she has no energy to do anything else. However, she is only too pleased to look after Jake and Mia when Nic has an emergency. Nic offers some of her shifts at The Bull but Clarrie gracefully declines.
  • Chris is all ready this morning for a meeting with the bank manager to present his business plan. Later, in The Bull, he is non-committal with Eddie about whether he has anything to celebrate.
  • Eddie brightens Clarrie’s day by reporting that he has persuaded the woman in Grange Spinney not just to have her patio done, but to have it done now!
  • Back home, Chris explains to Alice how his meeting went. The advisor was impressed with the plan and thought renting was a good decision. The bank will lend him the £40K he needs but with their house – Alice’s house – as security. Should they go for it? Alice is sure they should.

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