There’s a crisis at the market development site.

Radio Times: Pat and Tony face a harrowing experience, while Brian hears of a surprising discovery.

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  • Ruairidh needs some sports gear and is looking forward to shopping with Brian and Jennifer. It’s not to be: there is a crisis at the market development site and Brian must go there now. The police are present and have suspended work on the whole site pending investigation of some bones that have been dug up. They cannot get the bones identified until tomorrow.
  • Pat and Tony are facing the formal interview. They can answer most points satisfactorily because they basically do have a good food safety regime. When asked how long it is since the staff were reminded of the 48 hour rule, Pat has to admit that it is quite a while.
  • Brian thinks some of the bones look like cattle bones. Annabelle returns his call and is less concerned about it than Brian; he does not miss the opportunity to point out the consequences of delay – and that she voted against him over the tight timescale.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, Pat is anxious; they now face a two week wait. Tom has received two more calls from retailers cancelling their contracts for dairy products. Worse still, Shula reports that Millie Robson has a kidney problem. Tom unveils his plan to expand their area of operation, say to Birmingham or Bristol. Pat and Tony agree it’s worth a try.
  • Just to make his day, Brian finds that a reporter from The Echo is trying to get in touch. Jennifer is not very supportive; with her interest in local history this could be an important find. That’s not music to Brian’s ears.

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