Brian fails to hurry officialdom.

Radio Times: Brian’s blood pressure is rising and Peggy confides in Ted.

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  • Will, Nic and the children are enjoying a day out at Lower Loxley. There’s so much to do there. Will is in an uncharacteristically good mood.
  • At the market development site, Sol Bradley, Principal Field Archaeologist for the County Council is examining the remains and pronounces them all pig and cattle – no human bones. He is a little puzzled by the depth at which they are buried but the suggestion is offered that it could be a burial site for the 1967 Foot and Mouth epidemic. So does that mean that Brian can get his troops back to work? Alas, no. They need an exhumation order from DEFRA and their inspector cannot come until tomorrow. Brian is furious.
  • Over their enamelling, Peggy confides in Ted about her disappointment over Elona’s decision to leave. No 3 The Green would have been ideal, especially because Peggy had in mind that she could employ Elona to do laundry and shopping etc, allowing Peggy to cope better and retain her independence.
  • Brian has made no progress with DEFRA: the inspector will be along tomorrow but they won’t say when. This being one of the biggest developments in the area and a major investment in the county’s key industry, Brian is disgusted that it isn’t being given some priority.

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