Pip has the results she needs.

Radio Times: It is results day for Pip, and Nic counts her blessings.

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  • As Will has a day off, the family is going for a trip on the Blackberry Line. On the way, Nic drops off some frozen food to Clarrie and, finding that she is at a loose end, invites her to come along.
  • It’s the day of the A level results and Pip has a B and 2 Cs – just what she needs for university. Alice is among the first to congratulate her and she has her own good news to impart – that they are on course to buy the farrier business from Ronnie. Now they have to save hard for the deposit.
  • Clarrie has a lovely day and points out to William what a treasure he has found in Nic. He knows.
  • Today’s Echo has a feature on the bones story which gives a strong indication that there is a danger of foot and mouth infection from the buried bones. There isn’t, but the remains have to be removed and properly disposed of – necessitating more delays. Brian is frustrated. This project is more than a money-making scheme for him; it is an opportunity to create a lasting legacy, to give something back to the Borsetshire farming industry.

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