Alan is getting more worried about Usha and decides to call Satya.

Radio Times: Jennifer and Adam join forces.

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  • Phil is subject to a stream of visitors checking on how he is doing and he is beginning to resent it. But he’s already had one accident with an aspidistra and emptying the vacuum cleaner causes a dust disaster.
  • Usha is trying to put a brave face on things and focussing on the number of people in the Parish who are being really kind. But in truth, she is still very frightened even though she won’t accept help. In the end, Alan decides something needs to be done and calls Satya.
  • Debbie is all for looking into the option for a larger digester though Jennifer is worried about the public reaction in the visit. Meanwhile, she is still worried that Brian only really wants to Ireland because he can’t forget Siobhan.

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