The Brookfield open day is successful and, eventually, so is the one at Grundy’s Field.

Radio Times: Success doesn’t come easy at Grundy’s Field.

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  • There is a great turn out at Brookfield for the open day. There seems to be a rather smaller turn out at Grundy’s field. So Joe goes off in the trap to have a look at what David and Ruth are doing. This gives Eddie the idea to hand out inducements to their customers to go over to them. It seems to work at least and Clarrie is happier. At the end of the day, David and Ruth are shattered but it restores some faith in people to see how interested in farming they were.
  • Brenda is back working for Matt – consorting with the enemy. But Pat thinks she can act as their “mole”. It’s busy for them with moving into No.1. They are having a housewarming party next weekend but Ruth thinks it’s a bit much for her – a quiet weekend for her 40th is all she wants.

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