Alice and Christopher married! Jennifer is now related to a Horrobin!

Radio Times: The travellers return and there’s a surprise in store for Jennifer.

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  • Surprise flowers have been left outside Rickyard Cottage. Emma thought they were from Ed but he denies all knowledge of them.
  • Christopher and Alice are back from America. They are still all over each other. And it’s not surprising when they admit they got married in Las Vegas. Christopher proposed in the Grand Canyon. Brian and Jennifer are completely stunned. Ruairi thinks it’s great though! And Brian takes consolation that he hasn’t had to pay for a wedding. They can look on it as some sort of “starter” marriage. Susan and Neil, however, think it’s wonderful and break out the cava. And they’ll ring a Quarter for them after the service on Sunday. Plus Susan is already planning a party.
  • After Chris and Alice move, Jennifer admits how disappointed she is. Alice could have married into one of the decent families in the Shire instead of the village farrier. She wants to make Alice to see sense and divorce him. Brian firmly tells her she mustn’t interfere. Things don’t get any better when Susan rings up tipsy suggesting a party. It slowly dawns on Jennifer she is related to a Horrobin!

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