Peggy tells Jennifer she is a crashing snob and to remember her own roots.

Radio Times: Susan starts making plans and there’s a generous offer from Peggy.

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  • Alice breaks the news about her marriage to Peggy. Peggy is pleased they have got married rather than living together. Why wait? She makes them a present of a cheque towards their deposit fund. She also tells Jennifer they are planning to live in the holiday cottage once the bookings are over in September. Alice is going to finish her degree then.
  • Neil says he isn’t going to pay for a party so Susan decides to discuss it with Jennifer. It’s usually the bride’s parents who pay after all. Jennifer agrees that they should pay but it will be sometime before she will be able talk about it to Brian.
  • Neil takes the chance to have a chat with Christopher. He must never think he doesn’t deserve Alice, he was made to think that when he was dating Shula. It’s still hard for him to think he is related to Brian.
  • Peggy tells Jennifer she is being silly. They have a lot in common and have grown up together. Christopher is hard working and responsible and can give her security. Jennifer is less impressed that Peggy has given them a cheque and tells her a mortgage will complicate things when they get divorced. Peggy tells it like it is – the real reason Jennifer objects is because she is a crashing snob and she should remember her own roots before criticising. Christopher really loves Alice and there is nothing to worry about.

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