Kathy loses her temper and accuses Kenton of caring about nothing but himself.

Radio Times: It’s Ambridge versus New Zealand at Brookfield, and Kathy finds that the cupboard is bare.

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  • Eddie and Alysha are gearing up for the shearing contest. Eddie is confident he can beat her. But in the end, he is resoundly beaten by over half a minute. Everyone is off to drink cider in Eddie’s shed and Kenton for one is going to make a night of it.
  • There are more problems at the Bull. Jolene is still not really concentrating and there are more complaints about how the range of real ale is really down. It always was Sid’s passion rather than Jolene’s.
  • Kenton and Jamie have a man to man chat about losing Sid. He seems to be able to talk to Kenton. And they spend some time together. Of course, going to the shop to buy something for lunch isn’t good enough for Kathy. He should have taken Jamie to the supermarket instead of talking to him. Kathy finally loses it and accuses Kenton of not caring about Jamie or Meriel and that all he thinks about is Jaxx. Kenton tries to say he is building up Jaxx for all of them but Kathy isn’t having any of it and storms out.

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