Alice has a successful interview with the RAF.

Radio Times: Alice aims for the sky.

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  • Phil is helping out at Brookfield because Ruth has a catering committee meeting at school.
  • It’s Ruairidh’s first day at school and he is not keen to eat breakfast or to go. He agrees only if he can take Mousey.
  • Alice can’t decide what to wear for her interview with the RAF. Adam offers encouragement and helps with a bit of last-minute revision.
  • Brian returns to the school to pick up Jennifer, who stayed with Ruairidh for a while. Ruth assures them that Ben will look after him on the bus and Jennifer confirms that he settled within a few minutes.
  • Phil shows off his prize beans to Ruth but he can find a few ‘ordinary’ ones for supper. He might wander past the bungalow on his way home – to keep an eye on what Bert is growing – just friendly rivalry.
  • Jennifer had been asked once whether she was Ruairidh’s grandmother but she got round that. Further discussion is interrupted by Alice’s triumphant return. She is on course for Cranwell after South Africa but it will be tough – she must improve her fitness. Adam suggests a joint birthday celebration but Alice soundly rejects a party at Home Farm. Brian’s congratulations are still unwelcome.

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