William comes into money. Mike regrets taking Wendy to The Bull.

Radio Times: Mike gets some constructive criticism.

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  • Mike explains to Tony that he has had Willow Farm valued; he also admits that he is seeing someone and will be in The Bull with her this evening.
  • William has time for a topical conversation with Lilian about the latest Foot and Mouth case before calling at Keeper’s Cottage to report his latest letter from Aunt Hilda’s solicitors; his legacy will be in the region of £120K. Clarrie makes it clear (again) that she sees Nic as a gold-digger.
  • Wendy and Mike had a good meal but afterwards are joined by a rather miserable Tony with tales of today’s difficult calving – ad nauseam.
  • Mike finally gets rid of Tony, only to be assailed by Eddie. Wendy takes it well, though she could have done without the gory details of dairy farming. Next time they will go somewhere where they can enjoy their own company.
  • Eddie told Joe in the pub and could not constrain him from buying drinks all round. Clarrie would like to have the money shared between the boys but Eddie tells her she must not suggest it. If William offers it, that would be different but it is unlikely. Clarrie is worried that if they don’t handle this right it could break up the boys for good.

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