Alice thaws towards Ruairidh; Ed learns that he was frozen out of Aunt Hilda’s will.

Radio Times: Clarrie breaks the bad news.

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  • Ed is a bit puzzled by his mother’s phone call asking if he is coming home this evening. She is adamant that there is nothing wrong but he thinks it weird.
  • At Home Farm Alan has nothing but praise for the way Jennifer is coping with Ruairidh; it’s a pity Alice doesn’t think so too but he is pleased to hear about her RAF interview. He is taking Amy to Manchester on Saturday to start her university course – how proud her mum would have been.
  • Clarrie is seeking a few quiet moments in the church when Alan comes across her. It’s William and Edward that trouble her but she doesn’t want to talk. Instead, the conversation turns to kneelers and what will happen to them if the pews are “ripped out”.
  • Jennifer and Ruairidh have been picking apples and she tries to get him to feed a small one to Spearmint. Alice stops by on her run and gently shows him how; it tickles but Spearmint does not bite his fingers. The happy scene is disrupted by Brian’s return from a meeting. Jennifer explains that it just happened and it’s a start.
  • When Clarrie asks Ed to sit down, he knows that his instincts were right. She explains about Aunt Hilda’s will, which has not been changed since Ed was born but however she wraps it up Will is going to inherit a lot of money and Edward isn’t. He wants no tea: take it round to Will, he has everything else.