Fallon pulls Ed from a deep despair.

Radio Times: Emma is selective with the truth.

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  • Fallon can see that Ed is the worse for wear; he admits to having had a session with Jazzer last night and he wants nothing more than a coke. He doesn’t want to talk about what is wrong – but Fallon does!
  • At the girls’ night out, Brenda has brought Tom since she is knackered and he offered to drive, though he is hoping for a night off discussion of the planning appeal. Emma finds a bloke to dance with but her talk of domestic matters soon turns him off. Kirsty takes Tom to task for lack of interest in Brenda’s planning assignment but he pleads concern about Matt’s reaction if the appeal fails.
  • Fallon eventually teases out of Ed that Will is the problem – and the considerable sum he is about to inherit. Ed is very low but Fallon is quite robust: she makes him look at how he has pulled himself up; he has a job he loves, good boss and he is on good terms with his parents. He must not let this knock him back. Ed is grateful to have such a good mate as Fallon – the best – though Fallon perhaps sees herself as more.
  • Tom and Brenda make up – she cannot stay cross with him for long, Kirsty and a guy named Rees have found a quiet nook. Emma has found another dance partner but this time she dwells on the less mundane aspects of her life and hypes them up; it seems to be working.

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