Mike is branching out and Emma decides it is time for her to do likewise.

Radio Times: Mike decides to take the plunge.

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  • Mike is nervous about ringing Wendy, though she was very nice. Hayley encourages him just to get on and do it.
  • Emma is clearly feeling down, so Kirsty suggests a girls’ night later in the week.
  • At Brookfield they are applying their minds to the forthcoming school visit. David plans to borrow the combine for the day and, of course, the Massey will be on display. With Jill’s idea about dressing up a straw man, David is wondering whether four hours will be enough.
  • Mike worried over nothing. Wendy suggested that they meet at The Bull – if he is not ashamed to introduce her to his mates. He assures Hayley that he will be able to manage on his own now.
  • Emma has quite a different view of a girls’ night: first it should be out, not just in with a video, second it should be on Saturday but Friday would do. Emma plans to get William to have George – and she would not be at all put out if that interfered with a night of passion with Nic. They will invite Brenda but she must leave Tom at home: they are going on the pull.

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