Ambridge celebrates an engagement, but how will Emma react?

Radio Times: Clarrie is thrilled. Meanwhile, Jazzer uncovers some intriguing gossip.

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  • Clarrie can barely contain her delight at the news of Will and Nic’s engagement. She tells Nic that she could not wish for a better daughter-in-law. Nic tells her how excited the children are. Then Eddie arrives to add his congratulations. Nic tells them that they hope to get married at Grey Gables on New Year’s Day. They will go and see Caroline later to ask if Grey Gables could accommodate them. Meanwhile George has broken the news to Emma. Will makes out that, though stunned, Emma sent congratulations. Somehow he doesn’t sound too convincing, though.
  • Another piece of news is occupying Jazzer; the new resident at Woodbine Cottage. Tom tells him firmly to stop his suggestive remarks. Tom is working hard to be upbeat about his business, but has cried off the Fancy Dress evening because of more pressing sausage-related activities. But he and Brenda intend going to the bonfire, if Hilary Noakes ever allows it to take place on the Green.
  • Clarrie is appalled to see Eddie feeding a ferret in the house, but is diverted by Eddie telling her that Ed rang, ostensibly with an enquiry about a missing jumper of George’s, but in fact it on Emma’s behalf, trying to find out more about the wedding. Clarrie is concerned that Emma will make trouble.
  • Nic and Will see Caroline, who tells them there are several bookings at Grey Gables for New Year’s Day. But she tells them to find out if the Registrar can attend; if he can, then Caroline will do her best to sort something out. Like almost everyone else, she is delighted with their news.

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