Will proposes to Nic. Jim and Christine’s togetherness does not go unnoticed.

Radio Times: Will needs an answer and Jim is determined to get his own way.

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  • A day out at Lower Loxley’s Apple Day is just what the Professor ordered to banish thoughts of Clive Horobin from Christine’s mind – and Jim is quite prepared to be her constant companion in case she should come face to face with him. He insists that she should not let him drive her out of Ambridge and he advises that she should go to stay with David & Ruth, or Jill – but she won’t.
  • George duly delivers his apologies to Jake and to Nic, not just for the inconvenience but also because he had caused her to be cross with Jake for losing the toy and that wasn’t fair – but that’s what happens when people can’t find their things. Nic tells him that, having been to prison, Uncle Clive has seen the error of his ways and he wouldn’t want George to copy him. So George promises not to do it again and it’s all forgotten.
  • Back again already! Jim appears on Christine’s doorstep with a suitcase: he’s come to stay. Christine has just one objection – what people would think. But he insists and he has such a way with words that she gives in – without much of a fight, it has to be said.
  • Nic and Will are doing well in the quiz at The Bull; Nic is looking particularly gorgeous – to Will anyway. Jim is there too – with Christine – again, which doesn’t go unnoticed.
  • Having won the quiz together, Will tells Nic how much he loves her and – on his knees – asks her to marry him. Of course she will.

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