Will and Nic are happy. Caroline is stressed. Emma is upset. Ed is in the wrong.

Radio Times: Clive makes an unexpected appearance, and things begin to fall into place for Will.

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  • Ed appreciates a cooked breakfast, though Emma is her usual discontented self, faced with a visit to Ivy. Ed reminds Emma that she is taking George to the cinema; that should make life easier for her.
  • An excited Nic and Will try to ring Caroline to tell her that a Registrar is available for January 1st, but get her voice-mail. Nic suggests a coffee, but Will has other plans, lunch followed by special shopping.
  • A frazzled Caroline snatches a lunch-break with Shula. She tells Shula about Will and Nic, and Shula gives Caroline a piece of news – that Jim has moved in with Christine. Shula does not appear to like the idea.
  • Emma is startled to meet Clive after the film, and when he pressures her into letting George go bowling with him on Thursday, Emma is very upset. Even worse, they bump into Will and Nic, who have just bought the engagement ring, to George’s excitement. Emma grits her teeth and offers congratulations.
  • Caroline’s lunch is interrupted by Will and Nic, who are longing to tell her their news. The time will suit Caroline well, as long as they are happy with the Darrington Room. Nic is overjoyed; its royal connections will make her mum’s day.
  • Ed manages to comfort a distressed Emma by saying they will take George out for the day on Thursday and tell him Clive has cancelled. Emma’s mum will have to tell Clive. This calms Emma down, but then she is nasty about Will and Nic. Ed points out that their marriage will take the pressure of Ed and Emma, but somehow that is not what Emma wants to hear. She storms off.

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