Jim sorts out the community orchard row and the community shop gossip.

Radio Times: Mike voices his objections, and domestic bliss falls over Woodbine Cottage.

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  • The presence of Jim has helped Christine to sleep better, so she and Jim have a late breakfast. He intends to try out some audition pieces on her while she makes green tomato chutney, and then Jim is off to meet Mike and Eddie to discuss the community orchard.
  • Devoted father Brian is too busy to spend much time with Ruairidh over half term, so Jenny, who misses him so much when he is at school, packs him off to pick grapes at Lower Loxley. Brian claims to have too much on his mind with the market opening in November. Jenny forbids him to take his mobile on holiday when the jet off to the Maldives. Meanwhile Brian hopes that Will’s engagement will not affect his work, and that Adam will be more positive about the mega dairy idea now he has visited a similar, if smaller enterprise.
  • Tempers are in evidence at the community orchard meeting. Eddie seems to think all the cider will be his; Jim suggests apportioning it in ratio to the amount of work put in by the volunteers. Eddie’s trump card is then played; he and Joe own the press, without which there will be no cider. Mike and Jim are forced to concede the argument.
  • Adam tells his mother that while he saw a lot to interest him at the dairy, he still has major concerns from Home Farm’s point of view. When Jenny tells Brian, he slams off to the office.
  • A distressed Christine comes to The Bull to find Jim. Nathan Booth has made a suggestive comment about Jim’s presence at Christine’s. Jim laughs it off. If Christine is going to associate with him, she’ll have to grow a much thicker skin.

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