Lynda looks in vain for talent. Tom looks in vain for support in re-branding Bridge Farm products.

Radio Times: Lynda has high hopes, and Tom has a bee in his bonnet about something.

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  • Lynda’s much-advertised audition draws few hopefuls; Rhys is exceptionally keen, but has to do a long warm-up for his Dylan Thomas recital, and after three hours she has only Rhys and Jazzer in her show, Vicky refuses to be downhearted and takes Lynda to The Bull for a drink.
  • Tony is in full-on moan mode, and the news that Tom has been held up in traffic, so will be late for milking, affords Tony a wonderful opportunity for a rant about Brian, whose new market must surely be the cause.
  • The insufferable Tom is full of the news that Dave Langdon has agreed to take some of his sausages. Oblivious to Tony’s depressed state of mind, Tom launches into another tirade about Bridge Farm re-branding under his name. Firmly, Tony again says no.
  • The prospect of Leonie and James coming to see a show with just two acts gives Lynda much concern. Where is Ambridge’s international talent, she asks. Vicky has the answer; Usha, Amy and Elona’s daughter. Suddenly Lynda is filled with enthusiasm again.
  • Blind to the fact that other people have valid points of view, Tom tackles Pat on the subject of re-branding while she baths Henry. He sneers at the news that Ian has agreed to use Bridge Farm ice cream again, and says he wishes the bank had not agreed to the re-mortgage. He wants Pat to talk to Tony again, but she, too, gives Tom a very firm no.

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