Ambridge United are trounced by Dynamo Fruit Pickers.

Radio Times: The beautiful game turns ugly for Roy.

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  • It’s the day of the football match: Dynamo Fruit Pickers versus Ambridge United. At Willow Farm, Roy is preparing for the match and Mike is busy on the vegetable patch; but all is not well: Mike opened a letter addressed to “Mrs Tucker” and found it was from an estate agent with details of a house. He cannot understand why Roy and Hayley want to move out. Phoebe is excited about the checks that have hatched and she has adopted “Granny Jill”.
  • The camping expedition ended with all the children (except Daniel) in the sitting room – and Ruth found Monty curled up on Josh’s bed. David is not at his best today.
  • Ruth has taken the children to a small zoo and suggests that Monty would be happier there – no way, he is staying with Josh.
  • Contrary to expectations, the fruit pickers look pretty fit. Roy and David are not amused to find their respective wives admiring Sam’s legs so much. Christopher Carter has Carly to cheer him on. Cheekily, Roy offers the opponents a three goal advantage but they turn it down. Well they might: the final score is 7-0. Adam is delighted. At last Debbie has done something constructive for Home Farm: she has sent a footballing genius.

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