Jazzer is asked to keep Ed’s job warm, even though he knows nothing about cattle.

Radio Times: Jazzer finds a new direction.

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  • Oliver comes across Joe at Grange Farm and for a moment thought Ed was back; wishful thinking. They are both sad and frustrated about Ed’s disappearance; they thought he had the maturity to get his head down and get on with it.
  • Eddie is not best pleased when he learns from Jazzer that Ed’s picture is on every lamppost, courtesy of Jennifer Aldridge – interfering cow. He wonders whether, in Ed’s position, Jazzer would turn to drug dealing. But Jazzer and Fallon found no sign of him when the asked around on Sunday. When he takes his annoyance home, Eddie succeeds in upsetting both Joe and Clarrie.
  • Joe’s solution is to talk to William. Ed is still his brother; did Ed give any clue, perhaps in the heat of the moment, about where he would go.
  • Oliver has a job proposition for Jazzer: Ed’s job – on a temporary basis to keep it ticking over for Ed.
  • Eddie says sorry to Clarrie with chocolates and when William brings a very grizzly George, he gets one – naughty grandma! Joe unburdens to Clarrie that he had tried to put things right between the two boys. But they are as different as chalk and cheese. If (when) Ed comes back, Clarrie fears that things can never be mended between them.

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