Oliver fears that his dairy venture will have to be aborted.

Radio Times: Oliver reaches the end of the road.

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  • Oliver is having second thoughts about offering a job to Jazzer; the contrast with Ed is marked – Ed has a real affinity with animals. Anyway, he didn’t seem very keen, so probably won’t turn up.
  • Joe has been thinking about what Oliver said and has therefore reported for duty at Grange Farm. He doesn’t want to be paid; he just wants to help out and he is not taking ‘no’ for an answer.
  • At The Bull, Jazzer is seeking Fallon’s advice about the job and is persuaded that he should do it for Ed. Jolene has her own problem that she was hoping Fallon to help with tonight – they are short-staffed – but Fallon is doing a matinee performance of her show for the over 60s and might not be back in time.
  • Jazzer turns up at Grange Farm before Oliver has had the chance to explain to Joe, who promptly goes off in a huff.
  • Lilian is more pleased than Jolene to see crowds at The Bull. She has been reliving her past, by planning changes to her new home, the Dower House, which was also her first home after she married Ralph. As a child she lived at The Bull, and still remembers how to pull a pint, so is able to help out – very selectively – by serving Joe.
  • Oliver recounts the day’s events to Caroline and concludes that, as the whole project was tied up with Ed, he may have to let Mike down after all.

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