Camping at Brookfield isn’t as good as Daniel expected but Alistair feels better as a result.

Radio Times: David and Ruth aren’t happy campers.

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  • Hello campers! Brookfield is hosting a tentful of boys tonight; Daniel thinks it would be good practice for their camping holiday, France being too expensive. Shula is quick to counter this statement – rather too quick – to the point that Ruth is left thinking that she doth protest too much.
  • Meanwhile Shula is planning an intimate evening with Alistair – dinner plus a DVD. She explains how she put her foot in it, gibbering in a panic to Ruth, and they are both able to laugh it off.
  • As they relax in their newly decorated abode, Ian has an idea to pass by Adam. He has a friend, Mads, who wants to come and visit; she is in the throes of a divorce and is just finishing a stressful TV job. Fine.
  • When the phone rings at 1:20am it usually means a call-out for Alistair. It’s Daniel, wet and cold from spilt orange juice, and wanting to go home. Alistair manages the rescue without waking David, who was sleeping downstairs, but nearly gets assaulted with a cricket bat in the hands of a more vigilant Ruth.
  • Daniel is soon asleep in his own bed; Alistair had never seen him looking so miserable. Maybe the summer camping plans will need to be revised. However, it has helped Alistair to put things in perspective; things do not look quite so impossible any more.

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