Amside secure the Hillside properties, but another bidder needs out-bidding for the Marquis.

Radio Times: Peggy faces a tricky choice and Matt has a battle on his hands.

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  • Matt has heard from Rossiter’s; Amside’s offer on the two Hillside properties has been accepted. But it is bad news on the Marquis of Granby. Bernard says a higher offer has been made but upping Amside’s offer by £20,000 should secure it. Matt’s irked that a measly twenty grand needs so much careful consideration but Lilian points out it’s early days and they mustn’t overstretch. Matt agrees. He will look at the figures and make it work. He’ll also do the secretarial work that Lilian can’t manage until returning from her “mani-pedi”.
  • Clarrie is leading Susan through yoghurt making at work, interspersed with much gossip whilst waiting for things to heat up and cool down. Susan thinks she’ll never remember all the detail.
  • Peggy decides to follow Lilian’s advice and not tell Jack of Sid’s demise. He’ll only get upset, then forget he has been told, and Peggy will have to keep telling him. Instead, she will write a letter to Jolene and Fallon letting them know how much fellow Brummie Sid meant to Jack, and how proud Jack was of the success Sid made with his life.

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