Sid’s funeral is next Friday in New Zealand. Kathy gets Kenton a ticket, expecting him to leave Jaxx behind.

Radio Times: Jolene announces a shocking decision and Kenton’s loyalties are torn.

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  • Jolene tells Fallon the post mortem has confirmed it was a heart attack. And Sid’s funeral will be next Friday, in New Zealand! Fallon is taken aback. What about all the people here that wanted to attend? (Including her.) Jolene says she knows but flying for Lucy would be difficult, being pregnant, and Lucy is his little girl. Jolene can bring the ashes back.
  • Fallon rings Kathy with the news. She’s dismayed, but can well believe Lucy had a lot to do with it. What about Jamie? He’s the one close to Sid, not Lucy. Kathy apologises to Fallon, it’s not her fault.
  • Pip arrives at Lower Loxley seeking shifts for this month. She tells Elizabeth about her and Jude travelling all over southern Europe for most of the summer holidays. But she hasn’t told mum and dad yet. Nigel points out that if Pip couldn’t afford a weekend in Cornwall then a grand tour won’t happen.
  • Pat understands Kathy’s need to go to the funeral. Apparently it’s Jamie that is in a terrible state. Pat helps her book the flights and is corrected by Kathy; she needs three tickets, she needs Kenton there.
  • Kenton can’t believe Kathy booked him a flight without asking. He can’t just take ten days off now. She says he can, it’s a family bereavement. Sid wasn’t his family! Jaxx is opening next Friday, and only he knows what needs to be done before then. Kathy is angry he is putting his precious bar before supporting her and Jamie. If that’s his attitude they will go without him.

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