Fallon will go to New Zealand with Kathy and Jamie.

Radio Times: Kathy comes to Fallon’s rescue and Bert finds an appreciative audience.

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  • Kathy has a proposition for Fallon, who desperately wants to go to Sid’s funeral to support her mum; Kathy has a spare air ticket, intended for Kenton but the Jaxx opening on Friday means that he can’t go. Fallon feels she cannot leave the pub but Kathy has the answer to that too – a temporary manager, with Lilian keeping an eye on things.
  • At Brookfield, Open Farm Sunday is going well. Ruth is showing visitors round the dairy, David conducting farm tours, Josh running a competition to guess the value of farm equipment and video-recording the proceedings, Bert is talking about farm odds and ends, past and present, with perhaps a bit too much gruesome detail, and Pip is keeping the children amused. There are rumours of something odd at Grundys’ field and a fire engine rushes by.
  • The Bull’s temporary manager is Bruce and will be reporting for duty tomorrow. So a grateful Fallon just needs to pack.
  • David and Ruth are really pleased with the way Pip and Josh have worked today; it’s just like having their old Pip back. However, they are less pleased that she is putting off her bio-diversity project in favour of weeding carrots at Bridge Farm for not much money. Pip explains that ‘not much money’ is better than nothing, though she still doesn’t explain why she is so determined to build up her funds.

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