Jamie returns to school, but it’s too soon. Kenton thinks Kathy is wallowing.

Radio Times: The atmosphere at April Cottage is tense and Jamie struggles to cope.

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  • Jude is off again soon on a holiday to Valencia where he’s been dozens of times. Pip stays overnight at his place but is surprised when he leaves in the morning. He’s off to spend the day playing video games with the lads. Didn’t he say?
  • Jamie wants to return to school. Kathy thinks it’s too early and has already taken the day off work to be with him. Kenton says if Jamie wants things to be normal then he should go. Kathy gets a call from the school. Jamie started crying in class, she’s going to pick him up. She blames Kenton but he thinks Jamie’s taking his lead from Kathy. He later tells Lilian that Kathy’s wallowing a bit. Why, when she hasn’t been married to Sid for a decade? It can’t be good for Jamie.
  • Lilian thinks the Bull’s post is sympathy cards, but they’re birthday cards for Sid, 66 today. Fallon’s worried about how she’ll let all his friends outside the village know, there are so many; pub trade, cricket contacts, etc. Lilian says not to worry about it yet. She’s been through this with two husbands and they can sort it out together when it’s time.
  • Ruth is trying to get ahead with Open Farm Sunday. She tells Pip what her Dad and Josh have been up to as well. Pip is interested and now that exams are out of the way thought she would help kids make “map sticks” on the farm walk. Ruth’s pleased, can she spare time from Jude? Yes, this is a family thing they should all do together.

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