Annette admits she is pregnant and says it doesn’t matter who the father is; she is going to have an abortion.

Radio Times: It’s confession time for Annette.

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  • Conversation is a bit stilted in prison. He isn’t impressed when he hears Jenny has driven her there but he gets over it. He is still enjoying the work in the greenhouse – he might even grow Lilian some tomatoes when he gets out. And he is helping some of the other prisoners with their letters. At least it makes him feel he is of some use. He’s been passing on some of his financial skills too. He is still adamant though, no more visitors.
  • Susan isn’t impressed that Pat has asked Kathy to be secretary to the shop committee but Annette is even less impressed to be told about it and loses her temper. Helen sees her storm out and asks if it’s been happening a lot and Susan says it has.
  • Susan feels guilty about the row with Annette and goes up to the flat to offer to do the papers. Annette isn’t there but Helen has been worrying about her too. Suddenly she sees something in the rubbish. It’s a pregnancy test and when confronted she admits it was positive. Helen tries to find out who the father is but Annette says it doesn’t matter; she is going to have an abortion.
  • Lilian is very upset after the visit. Matt was happier than usual and sometimes seemed like his old self before slipping back into his shell. In a way that made things worse. Maybe things will get easier as they go along but every visit is going to be tough until Matt is back home where he belongs.

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