Helen wants Annette to talk to her. Pat wants Helen to talk to her. Brenda wants Fallon to talk to her; Tom wants Jazzer to talk to him. Everyone is just fine.

Radio Times: Jazzer keeps his eyes on the prize.

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  • Tom brings flowers for Pat’s birthday, and reminds her that Brenda’s cooking lunch as a birthday treat. Helen will be there, but isn’t sure about Annette.
  • At the flat, Helen tries to get Annette to talk, without much success. But Annette tells her one thing; she’s booked an appointment at the abortion clinic for Thursday. She’s thought it through and it’s all sorted.
  • Pat enjoys her lunch, though notices that Helen is very quiet. When Pat gets back from the dairy she finds Helen still there, checking the stock. Pat asks whether she needs to talk, but Helen won’t tell her anything. She’s fine.
  • Tom is keen to know just what’s going on between Jazzer and Fallon. As they mend fenceposts, Jazzer assures Tom that everything between him and Fallon is relaxed and casual – it’s going fine. He needs to get off promptly because they are going out.
  • As a reward for all Brenda’s hard work recently, Tom suggests going to the club where Jazzer and Fallon are heading. While Jazzer gets the drinks, Brenda tries to find out what’s going on. Fallon says she’s worked hard over Christmas and now she’s having fun. To stop Jazzer going into mother-hen mode, she drags him on to the dance-floor. Everything is fine.

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