Vicky shows another side to her nature. Pip finds there’s another side to college life.

Radio Times: Mike’s diplomacy misses the mark.

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  • As Mike and Ed do some jobs in preparation for the herd expansion, Mike tells Ed about the trip he’s going to make tomorrow to look at pasteurisers. They are interrupted by the manically laughing Vicky, who’s decided she’ll come along for the ride and take Mike out to lunch. Mike tries gently to dissuade her, but Vicky has the bit firmly between her teeth and is impervious to his arguments.
  • David and Ruth load silage in the yard when Pip appears. She’s been given a lift home and is going to revise for her Biology exam, but not until she’s emailed some notes to ‘Zoe’. David does his best to find out more, without success. Ruth’s just relieved that Pip seems to have found some friends.
  • Vicky encounters Lynda putting up notices about her plans for a green burial site. Lynda is desolated because the planned survey of Brown Hairstreak butterfly eggs has been cancelled. Vicky offers to accompany Lynda on a walk instead. Lynda is delighted and they head to Ambridge Hall for tea.
  • Mike asks Ed how he can tell Vicky she’s not wanted on his trip to Staffordshire, but Ed has no suggestions. When Mike picks Vicky up from Lynda’s, he finds that she’s been surfing the net and found just the place for a large lunch. In the car Mike summons his courage and tells her she can’t come; he’s got too much to do and won’t have time for lunch. Vicky storms out of the car saying that in that case she’ll just have to stay home alone.

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