Susan makes her feelings clear. Vicky makes her peace with Mike. Kathy makes a suggestion.

Radio Times: Pat and Kathy talk tactics.

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  • After her outburst regarding the trip to look at pasteurisers, Vicky’s anxious to make amends. Mike tries to creep out without waking her, but Vicky’s already up, making a flask of soup and sandwiches for the journey. Mike’s under strict instructions to phone her regularly.
  • In the shop, Susan is rude to Kathy on the subject of the community shop committee. Kathy tells Pat, and they agree that having Oliver on board would be a plus. But they disagree over Kathy’s suggestion of inviting Brian. Pat can’t see him taking much interest in the project.
  • Vicky pesters Mike with calls while he’s trying to strike a deal on the pasteuriser. To appease her, Mike suggests a meal at the Bull later. But as he heads for Ambridge he gets another frantic call. Vicky’s got her car stuck in the snow and is hysterical. Mike is almost home, and manages to push the car out. But at least he’s got good news for Ed; he’s found the perfect Pasteuriser and it will be delivered.

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