Brian makes a surprise appearance. Helen brings surprising news. Susan is surprised to find herself on the committee.

Radio Times: Emotions run high for Helen.

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  • Susan comments to an unwilling Helen that Annette’s looking very pale and tired, and that she’s bitten Susan’s head off. Susan thinks Helen should make her see the doctor. Poor Helen is rescued by the arrival of Lynda, who wants Susan to join the butterfly survey. Susan points out that she has other things on her mind at present.
  • Helen calls to see Brenda in the hope of a chat. Brenda had intended going to the community shop meeting, but thinks a drink with Helen would be preferable.
  • The Village Hall fills quickly with those interested in the future of the shop. Even Brian, appears, to Pat’s surprise, though she is suspicious of his motives. They form a strong committee, chaired by Pat, of course, but including Susan and Brian.
  • Brenda is shocked at Helen’s news, though of course would never breathe a word to anyone. She tries to make Helen see it from Annette’s point of view, but Helen can’t. All she can think is that they could raise the baby together in the flat, and that Helen could provide for them financially. But she thinks it’s too late; Annette has made up her mind to go ahead with an abortion.

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