Helen puts on the pressure. Jazzer puts the flat-pack together.

Radio Times: Jazzer shows off his practical skills.

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  • Jazzer surprises Jolene by ordering an orange juice as his lunch-time drink. A frustrated Fallon appears; she can’t put her new computer desk together. It’s the perfect opportunity for Jazzer, who puts it together and sorts out her computer. Fallon is very pleased.
  • Annette sees the counsellor at the abortion clinic. After making sure that Annette understands what she’s doing, the counsellor explains the procedure, but there’s a minor problem; Annette isn’t registered with a doctor. Until she is, the procedure will have to wait.
  • Jazzer invites Fallon to the Laser Park in Felpersham, and she’s pleased to accept. But first she’s taking him to the Feathers for a drink as a thank-you for sorting out her computer. Jolene clucks encouragement from the sidelines.
  • Annette tells Helen about her experience at the clinic, and once again, Helen tries to exert pressure on Annette to change her mind. Helen becomes ever-wilder in her offers; she’ll do all the jobs around the flat, she’ll care for the baby, she’ll support them financially … but a now tearful Annette insists that she’s made her decision. She doesn’t want the baby and that’s that.

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